by Chuck Barnitz

The electronic ghost of your adventures
Drifted through the interstellar space like hope
And came to my attention in the lab,
Attenuated like my love for you,
Across the parsecs separating us.
When first I saw you, anguished in the gloom
Of rainy Washington location shoots,
Made manifest by vacuumed cathode tubes
Made holographic by technology
Your race can only, Roddenberry-like,
Dream of on cable channels of desire,
I knew I would be drawn in by the force
Of the event horizon of your love.

What do you see in her you call your partner,
Who calls herself a scientist, but is
Not worthy of your vision or your love?
A shrew of negativity and doubt,
Where your belief is strong and positive.
You are misunderstood and ridiculed
And yet you still persist in your belief,
That the truth is out there waiting for you.
A scrawny astrophysicist I know,
A geek who wants to get between my legs
But doesn't have the lobes to pull it off,
Has calculated that the signal took
Over sixty three light years to reach us.

Wait, and don't despair, I'm coming to you
Across the frigid void that separates
Our worlds. And in a shower of green light
I will appear to you and you will know
Your search is over, you won't have to settle
For Agent Scully, the unworthy bitch,
My breasts are bigger and I have more of them
My legs are long and smooth, prehensile, too,
I know a hundred ways to please a man
Of your anatomy. My Agent Mulder,
Fox, you may call me your Xy!plokathryth,
And when we mate, sublime appendages
Will probe you like the first time you were probed.

Copyright 2006 by Chuck Barnitz

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