Hot Lizard Boy's Alien Love Poetry

Feeling Shakespearean? Read My Alien Juliet!
What about Lord Byron? So brilliant, but unsound. You'll love My Virgin Venutian!
Do you like modern love stories? Read Your Silicon Valley!
Like sad 70s love stories? Read Hot Lizard Boy Love Story!
Been looking for an angel? Read Sarah!
Bet you didn't know your Hot Lizard Boy is highly desirable. Read Breathless!
Your Hot Lizard Boy is not always the self-assured rogue you think he is. Read Blue Buttons!
Your Hot Lizard Boy waxes philosophical. Read The Shark!
Your Hot Lizard Boy yearns for passion. Read The Hottest Place!
Your Hot Lizard Boy's love is unrequited. Poor HLB! Read Perspicacity!
Alas, our own nature sometimes fates us to disaster. Read My Medea!
Hot Lizard Boy tries too hard. Read Infected!
What makes love happen? Read Glow!
We have barely time enough for love. Read Time's Jet-Assisted Take-Off Unit!
Your Hot Lizard Boy will sacrifice for love. Read Her Noxious Breath!
But Hot Lizard Boy can be insensitive, too. Read Sweet Goodbye!
Some romances end bitterly. Read Der Verwantlung (The Metamorphosis)!
Love makes lovers nearly perfect. Read Number 765342872-R11-9!
Your Hot Lizard Boy is not without callousness. Read Surrender!
The girls can be too fond of your Hot Lizard Boy. Read Drunk!
Do you like cheese? Read Brie!
Sometimes love can leave you hanging. Read Cocooned!
If you like Greek myths, you'll dig Pandora's Box!
'Til death do us part? Someone is left alone. Read Outlived!
All men can dream. Read Some good heads on her shoulders!
Your Hot Lizard Boy is not the only guy asking this question, ladies. Read Give You Wings!
Believe in fate? Read Providence!
No matter how altruistic we try to be, our acts fulfill our own needs. Read Dispatcher!
Don't linger too long. Read The Langoliers!
Heartbreak and sorrow rarely kill. Read Wuthering Nights!
People undertake terrible tasks to protect their families. Read To My Wife!
Sometimes love just stinks. Read The Goddess!
Got a secret crush? Read Dream!
Like music? Read Soprano!
Give him an inch, and he'll take a yard. Read Fickle, Baby!
History buff, but weary of those dry textbooks? Read Burning!
What does love know about natural selection? Read Dubbed the Fittest!
Got a lady who thinks you're a star? Read Praise!
Your Hot Lizard Boy is often moved, if not great. Read The Cravin'!
Check out Hot Lizard Boy's first haiku! Read Solace!
Yes! Your Hot Lizard Boy listens to Steely Dan! Read Jesus in Me!
Even Hot Lizard Boy feels spite, although he tries to overcome it by writing bad poetry! Read To Dianne!
What makes one lover master and the other slave? Read Aboriginal Daughter!
Love has its ups and downs. Read While We're At It!
Your Hot Lizard Boy is not solely driven by lust. Read Instinct!
Sometimes your Hot Lizard Boy IS solely driven by lust. Read Shape-shiftin' Sheila!
Think you found the perfect no-strings-attached gal? Read The Trouble with Tribbles!

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