Some Good Heads on Her Shoulders

by Hot Lizard Boy

My gal's got some good heads on her shoulders
How's that little jingle go?
Two heads are better than one
But more are better still

I like my lady with enough heads
That she can carry on a conversation with herself
And not bother me with the need to pay attention

My woman
Names each of her heads something different
So I can spend the night with someone new every day of the week
And nobody gets hurt

Of course, my gal is confident enough in herself
That she unflinchingly takes on
These additional hairstyles and teeth to brush
I especially like that she doesn't opt
For the extra expense of filling the heads with brains
Considerate of our finances, that one

A few guys have brought up the point...
But I am better off than Brigham Young
I don't have the disadvantage of needing to buy gifts
for more than one body

Ask any man
Two heads are better than one
And more heads are exponential the fun

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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