Sweet Goodbye

by Hot Lizard Boy

I shall not bend to guilt
Damn that monstrous false emotion!
More false than love
For when the love is untrue, guilt still refuses to free us

She should have been more dignified
That day I told her my feelings had changed
And I had decided not to love her
We were too different

Surely I had used her
I had tired of her, she accused
I had merely taken advantage of her sweetness

And I reminded her that she was made entirely of sugar molecules
By God, I cried. My pancreas cannot keep up with the glucose in your kiss!
I shall be on a dialysis machine before I'm 30!
And our love-making is giving me acne!

I left her alive, I swear it
I never meant to hurt her so, you must believe me
I cannot help that her own tears melted her into a puddle of maple syrup
It was simply in her nature

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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