The Cravin'

by Hot Lizard Boy

When first I made love to Lenore
She insisted, "Nevermore"
But what of her conviction? Her virtuous "Je t'adore"?
All her foul flirt and flutter that I scarce could suspect
'til she left me in the stillness
My loneliness unbroken
And I cursed her rotten core

But while I pondered
Drunk and bleary
And reading works of Timothy Leary
Sure that I had overcome
Grown strong, my heart was numb
I heard her step upon the stair
My Lenore of the raven hair!
Yes, her step upon the stair that gray December day

She came a-rapping
Oh, gently tapping, gently tapping
Upon my chamber door
"What do you want?" I cried aloud
Then came her sultry answer:
"Merely now and nothing more."

How I had hungered for her touch!
My heart beat hard, a man awoke
'Neath her hands of ebony fire
And I clasped this rare and radiant maiden
Until once again quoth she:

She wrenched apart my shattered soul,
But this time I said, "'Tis the wind and nothing more."
For how could she resist me
Just how could she, my Lenore?
She would be back, and begging more

And so I am sitting
still am sitting
still am sitting
Awaiting my Lenore

And my eyes have all the redness of a man who has gone bedless
And my visage wears all the weariness of a man who loves alone
And I grab ahold this promise:
No nevermore
Shall I let this cravin' move me
Shall I let her in the door

Until I hear her tapping
gently rapping, gently rapping
Then those lovely lips are trapping
Me in my Lenore

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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