My Medea

by Hot Lizard Boy

That I loved her in the beginning no being could argue
Her real name unpronounceable by my tongue
I called her my Medea
My Medea of the fleecy gold skin
It enveloped me as we basked in memories of cross-culture copulation
The wind sang as it passed through her scales
And I was an argonaut
Adventurous, true, and brave
Our anatomies foreign, but both heated

Hot love is fickle, and I soon wandered
My excuses thin--She knew!
Her multifaceted, bright-red eyes bored deep into my heart
And she saw my other love
That other being I so lovingly stroked in my dreams

My Medea!
The name fit her well, and she marooned me in a sea of misery
What I wouldn't give to undo the lost course I set us on

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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