Hi, I'm your hot lizard boy.

I am an alien love poet, not a UFO expert.
If you're looking for information about alien abduction, you've come to the wrong place.

A special hello to my friend Jeppesen Jeff, a devoted fan of sci-fi!
Your Hot Lizard Boy pays tribute to sci-fi in The Trouble with Tribbles.


What do you do for a good time?
I write alien love poetry.

Some of my poems seethe with passion.

Some make the young girls cry.

Some are terrible, but it's my Web site.

If you're a Cancer like me, here's your horoscope for March 21, 2011:

Don't be afraid to answer the phone.
Area code 666 is in Missouri.

On a scale of 1 (most challenging) to 10 (easiest), here are your levels for today:

Convincing witholding lovers


Dealing with chaotic co-workers


Maintaining a reasonable level of sobriety until 6 p.m.


Men from Mars

Of all registered voters polled by USA Today, 44% believe there is intelligent life on other planets.
No poll as to the percentage of people who also write alien love poetry.

They are out there! Read their poetry!


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I want to hear your story of alien abduction-turned-romance.

*No tales of probing, please.

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