Submitted Alien Love Poetry

The amazing Jeff Levine graced your Hot Lizard Boy with an original poem from the alien's point of view. For those of you who are ignorant,
Mr. Levine is a talented professional artist in the LA area. He's sure to be more influential than Warhol.
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I recently received a message from Curt Anderson, a fellow troubled poet. Folks, I can't even tell you: This guy is good! He is nearly as incredible as your
Hot Lizard Boy, and you know I'm not just blowing radioactive smoke.
Check out Curt's daring man-and-machine tryst:
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Received this incredible untitled ditty from Chuck Barnitz, a man as able as Edgar Allan Poe to catch hold of the human stain and wrestle it into stanzas and meters that touch, haunt, and strike our hearts with tell-tale tragedy.
Read the author's note!
Read the poem!
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Got this little stanza from one of my favorite gal pals. Coincidentally, she ended up being very successful academically.
Read Academic Advancement!

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