A note about "Untitled"

Dear HLB,

After reading the poetry on your site I was moved to compose the attached stanzas.
The narrator is an alien lab assistant who chanced to intercept the faint transmissions
of X-Files reruns and fell in love with Agent Mulder. She is hurrying to Earth to join him
at the poem's close, hopeful that the speed of her interstellar craft can exceed light speed
and bend time so that when she arrives he will not be over 100 years old. (This last bit of
subtext might not be discernable in the poem to any but the most acute reader).

It is written in the 13 line stanzas of the poetry of her planet, in a meter that is strangely
similar to iambic pentameter, suggesting an alternative answer to the question of
Shakesperean authorship that has, thus far, been largely ignored by doctoral candidates
in Europe and the Americas.

At any rate, I hope you find this haunting aria of unrequited love in keeping with the spirit
of the other poems on your site.


Chuck Barnitz

Email me at hot_lizard_boy@yahoo.com!
I want to hear your story of alien abduction-turned-romance.

*No tales of probing, please.

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