Der Verwantlung

(The Metamorphosis)

by Hot Lizard Boy

If you were here with me now
You'd agree that we were never meant to be in love
That we were never meant to overcome
the obstacles the world set before us
Your Kafkaesque mannerisms disturbed me
And I never could swallow your brutal methods

I acquiesced to your every need
I gave you my moon, my stars, my planet
I took you to my leader and watched you eat him
I patiently catered to your every whim
And I never let my humanity interfere with my feelings for you
Although you remained cold-hearted, hard,
Chitinous as the ebony shell you turned toward me
when I broached the topic you abhorred

But I know that after your people annihilated my race
Sparing me for my knowledge
I know that soon after you telephoned me
to say you were on your way to Florida
That I was not unhappy to discover you'd checked in to your hotel
And never checked out

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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