My Virgin Venutian

by Hot Lizard Boy

I watch you remove your outer skin
Fragile as crystalized salt
Your prehensile tail stroking
those parts of you I itch to suffocate beneath
I watch hungrily
A Priapic stalker in the early-peuce dawn
My breath ragged with desire
Coming in gasps as you slog into the glossy mercury streams
And dive beneath the sludgy surface
Your fimbriate legs fanning leisurely behind you
While you crack Precambrian shellfish in your mandibles
And the corpuscles in your eye retract with pleasure

How I long to be the finalist in the race for your affections!
Alas, my wantonness will ruin me
My unchecked desire will lead me to damnable copulation
The post-coital disgust will drive me to Othellic rage
I will jealously slay my queen, my beauty
Better to leer in undiscovered silence

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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