Number 765342872-R11-9

by Hot Lizard Boy

My darling Number 765342872-R11-9
My nearly perfect woman
Your emerald cyborg eyes flash with static electricity
when I touch your synthetic skin
The skin you have carefully warmed to my temperature
And often just a little warmer with accompanying blushes
You have programmed yourself to smile for me
You have even added inflection to your metallic voice
And you whisper those little obscenities at the perfect moments

Many men run from heartless women
But heartlessness leaves your nature unaffected
You rub my shoulders when I'm tired
You grill my steaks to the perfect bloodiness
You agree that women should be seen
With fresh beer and cheese and crackers
--but not heard--
during the Superbowl
And you never argue when I let you clean up my mess

Oh, baby
Yes, you are the nearly perfect woman.
Demure, but outspoken
Lovely and fragile as a daisy, but tough as an ox
Hungry for your man
But why the hell didn't they build you anatomically correct?

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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