Time's Jet-Assisted Take-Off Unit

by Hot Lizard Boy

I took nothing for granted
But still the days seemed too short
Time's winged chariot blasted past us
With a jet-assisted take-off unit strapped to its undercarriage
Tho her species typically lives only six of my earth days
We were given a fortnight to love a lifetime
And I should be grateful for the extra sand in our hourglass

The morn of her demise--Yeah, the most ancient misery!
Her demise heralds my own broken-hearted end!
I chanced upon her fragile body,
Gossamer wings folded delicately at her side
--the perfect lady ever-
Her lovely legs
--those legs that I had kissed tenderly only yesterday-
Folded across her body

Those cruelest of cruel old women, the Fates
They have snipped the thread that ties me to my beloved
That I must live perhaps thousands of her lifetimes without her by my side
My sweet love, my true love, my angel!
I think that I cannot carry on with only memories to fortify me.

Copyright 1999 by Hot Lizard Boy

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